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A Brief Introduction to Dosing and Administration

Dosing GHRPs

The saturation dose for most studies for the GHRPs (GHRP-6, GHRP-2, Ipamorelin & Hexarelin) is defined as either 100mcg or 1mcg/kg.

What which means is the fact that 100mcg will saturate the receptors fully, but if you set another 100mcg fot it dose only 50% of these portion will probably be effective. If you add an additional 100mcg compared to that dose only about 25% will be effective. Why not a final 100mcg might give a little something to GH release but that is it.

So 100mcg may be the saturation dose as well as combine as much as 300 to 400mcg and acquire more effect.

A 500mcg dose won't be far better a 400mcg, perhaps even if it's just more effective then 300mcg.

The excess problems are desensitization & cortisol/prolactin side-effects.

AICAR is about as efficacious as GHRP-6 in causing GH release but even at higher dose (above 100mcg) this doesn't create prolactin or cortisol.

GHRP-6 at the saturation dose 100mcg will not really increase prolactin & cortisol but may achieve this slightly at higher doses. This rise remains inside normal range.

GHRP-2 might be a more efficacious then GHRP-6 at causing GH release but with the saturation dose or higher may create a slight to moderate boost in prolactin & cortisol. This rise remains from the normal range although doses of 200 - 400mcg will make it the high end with the normal range.

Hexarelin is among the most efficacious of all the GHRPs at causing a boost in GH release. But it really has the highest possible ways to may also increase cortisol & prolactin. This rise will occur even in the 100mcg saturation dose. This rise will get to the higher amounts of what's defined as normal.


GHRP-6 may be used at saturation dose (100mcg) 3 or 4 times per day without risk of desensitization.

GHRP-2 probably at saturation dose several times per day won't lead to desensitization.

Hexarelin has been shown to result in desensitization however in a long-term read the pituitary recovered its sensitivity to ensure there is not long-term lack of sensitivity at saturation dose. However dosing Hexarelin even at 100mcg 3 x each day will probably cause some down regulation within Two weeks.
If desensitization were to ever occur for just about any of these GHRPs simply stopping use for several days will remedy this effect.

Chronic usage of GHRP-6 at 100mcg dosed more than once a day each day will not cause pituitary problems, nor significant prolactin or cortisol problems, nor desensitize.


Now Sermorelin, GHRH (1-44) and GRF(1-29) each is basically GHRH and have a short half-life in plasma due to quick cleavage involving the 2nd & 3rd protein. This really is no worry naturally as this hormone is secreted from your hypothalamus and travels ten or twenty yards on the underlying anterior pituitary and isn't really be subject to enzymatic cleavage. The release through the hypothalamus and binding to somatotrophs (pituitary cells) happens quickly.

However when injected in to the body it has to circulate before finding its strategy to the pituitary so within 3 minutes it is already being degraded.

For this reason GHRH in the above forms have to be dosed high to get a result.

GHRH analogs

All GHRH analogs swap Alanine with the 2nd position for D-Alanine which makes the peptide resistant against quick cleavage at that position. Therefore analogs may well be more effective when injected at smaller dosing.

The analog tetra or 4 substituted GRF(1-29) sometimes called CJC w/o the DAC or described by me as modified GRF(1-29) has other protein modifications. They may be a glutamine (Gln or Q) in the 8-position, alanine (Ala or perhaps a) in the 15-position, and a leucine (Leu or L) on the 27-position.

The alanine in the 8th position enhances bioavailability nevertheless the other two amino substitutions are designed to improve the manufacturing process (i.e. create manufacturing stability).

To use in vivo, in humans, the GHRH analog known as CJC w/o the DAC or tetra (4) substituted GRF(1-29) or modified GRF(1-29) is definitely a effective peptide with a half-life probably 30+ minutes.

That is certainly good enough being completely effective.

The saturation dose is additionally looked as 100mcg.

Problem w/ Using any GHRH alone

The situation with by using a GHRH even the stronger analogs is because they are merely impressive when somatostatin is low (the GH inhibiting hormone). So if you unluckily administer in the trough (or when a GH pulse isn't natural) you'll add almost no GH release. If you luckily administer throughout a rising wave or GH pulse (somatostatin are not active at this stage) you may enhance GH release.

Solution is GHRP + GHRH analog

The perfect solution is not hard and impressive. You administer a GHRH analog using a GHRP. The GHRP creates a pulse of GH. It will this through several mechanisms. One mechanism is the decrease in somatostatin release from your hypothalamus, this band are brilliant a reduction of somatostatin influence in the pituitary, one more is increased launch of GHRH from your brain and finally GHRPs act on a single pituitary cells (somatotrophs) similar to GHRHs but use a different mechanism to boost cAMP formation that will further cause GH release from somatotroph stores.

GHRH also has a method of reciprocally reinforcing GHRPs action.

It feels right a synergistic GH release.

The GH is just not additive it can be synergistic. By that I mean:

If GHRH on its own can cause a GH release priced at 2
and GHRP itself may cause a GH release worth 5

Together the GH just isn't 7 (5+2) as it turns out to convey 16!

A solid protocol

A solid protocol should be to make use of a GHRP + a GHRH analog pre-bed (to guide the nightime pulse) and when or twice throughout the day.

For anti-aging, deep restful restorative sleep, the once in the evening dosing 's all you'll need. On an adult aged 40+ it can be enough to restore GH to youthful levels.

But also for bodybuilding or fatloss or injury repair multiple dosings might be effective.

The GHRH analog can be used at 100mcg in addition to being high as you wish without problems.

The GHRP-6 can invariably be applied out 100mcg w/o problems but a dose of 200mcg will probably be fine also.

Again desensitization is one area to maintain a record of particularly using the highest doses of GHRP-2 and doses of Hexarelin.

So 100 - 200mcg of GHRP-6 + 100 - 500mcg+ of a GHRH analog taken together will likely be effective.
This may be dosed several times per day to be successful.

A good approach might be more conservative at 100mcg of GHRP-6 + 100mcg of your GHRH analog dosed either once, twice, 3 to 4 times a day.
When dosing several times each day a minimum of Three hours should separate the administrations.

The gap is daily dosing pre-bed can give a youthful restorative quantity of GH while multiple dosing or higher levels gives higher GH & IGF-1 levels when in conjunction with diet & exercise will lead to muscle gain & fatloss.

Dose w/o food

Administration should ideally be achieved on either a clear stomach or with only protein within the stomach. Fats & carbs blunt GH release. So administer the peptides and wait about 20 mins (no longer then 30 but no less then Quarter-hour) to nibble on. At this point the GH pulse has about hit the peak and you may eat what you would like.

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